Since its foundation in 1994, Vigor Master has undertaken more than 300 projects, the average value of the projects combined is approximately $46 million per year. In addition, the company has committed to introducing the Australian architecture philosophy to China and has accomplished 7 architecture design projects in Shangdon, Jiangsu and more. The total design area was more than 500,000 m2

French’s Forest Residential Subdivision 2013-2016
Appointed by Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council to subdivide the vacant land into 21 pieces in 2015. Currently at first stage: 10 single houses will be built in 2016. Total value will exceed $20 million.

Beecroft Duplex 2014-2015
Appointed by a client to design and build the duplex. The high efficiency and strict cost control was highly praised by the client. It was completed in 2015 with a total value of $3.8 million.

Dee Why Boarding House 2014-2016
Vigor Master has involved in all facets of the development process, including design, DA and CC application and construction management. This three story boarding house with 31 ensuites will be completed in 2016. Total value will exceed $8 million.

Lane Cove Mansion 2015
Two story single house has been built in 2015. Total value is estimated to go beyond $2 million.

Galston Grange Retirement Village                 2015
DA approved. The construction of this 76-unit retirement village will start in late 2015. Cooperating partners are welcomed.

Dural Stage 2 Subdivision 2014-2015
Subdivision of 5 lots is in planning. Vigor Master was appointed to provide a full range of project management services for the subdivision. DA application has been submitted.

Roseville Townhouse 2014-2015
The development of 5 townhouses with 5 car parking spaces is in planning. Total value will go above $10 million.

Willandra Boarding House 2014-2015
DA approved. A boarding house with 17 ensuites is scheduled to be built in late 2015. The value of the project is predicted to be more than $6 million.

Beacon Hill Retirement Village 2014-2016
DA approved. 32 units retirement village is planning to be built in early 2016. The market value of the project will exceed $8 million.

Belrose Boarding House 2013-2016
DA approved. It is a boarding house of 30 ensuites, with a total value of more than $7 million. The construction will commence in early 2016.

Dural Stage 1 Subdivision 2012-2014
Subdivision into 13 lots for future development.

Beecroft Subdivision 2012-2013
Subdivision into 9 lots. Most of them have been sold, one lot is used for development.

Beacon Hill Duplex 2007-2008
A Duplex was built to the client's satisfaction.

Allambie Heights Mansion 2007-2008
Two story single house was built at 57 Madison Way, total value was more than $1 million.

Killara Mansion 2008
Two story single house was built at 8 Kardella Avenue. Total value was more than $1.5 million.

Greenwich Mixuse 2007
Two story house (office plus residence) was built for a client, which is a good combination of work and life.

Warringah Mansion 2007
Two story single house with a total value of $1 million.

Beacon Hill Retirement Village 2006
A comprehensive retirement village with 100 units. Total value is more than $6 million.

St Ives Flat 2005
Four two-story buildings. Total value exceeded $5.6 million.

Riverwood Mansion 2004
Twostory single house was built at 8 Clarendon Road.

North Turamarra Units 2003
10 units with basement parking. Total value exceeded $7 million.

Kenthurst Road Units 2003
10 units with basement parking. Total value was in excess of $7 million.

Frenches Forest Houses 2003
Firstly subdivided the land into 4 lots. Then three two-storey single houses were build. Total value was about $5 million.

Cromer Units 2003
Two story building with 8 units was built. Total value equalled to $3.2 million approx.

Belrose Mansion 2003
Three story single house was built on Crozier Road. It was valued at $2.5 million at the time of completion.

Strathfield Mansion 2002
Two story single house was built at 17 White Street, which was worth about $1 million at that time.

Liverpool Road Units 2002
Three story building with 18 units and basement car parking was built in Strathfield. The value was about $7 million.;